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This Week in Blogging, Oct. 31

Tuesday, October 31st, 2006

Surprisingly, most Missouri political blogs have stayed relatively issue-based and libel-free in the weeks heading up to next Tuesday. Of course, there are still seven full days left for someone to disappoint us all.

Thanks to Dave Drebes, Jo Mannies, Tony Messenger, Jason Rosenbaum, and Tony from Tony’s Kansas City for mentioning the National Journal/The Hotline deal. The deal will bring more eyeballs to Missouri blogs between now and Election Day 2008, which is good for bloggers and readers alike.

Jeff Roe has done a good job keeping track of Josh Lansdale from McCaskill ad fame. Roe says that Lansdale went to California to film more anti-Republican ads. Roe has also taken aim at FiredUpMissouri’s Roy Temple in the last week, and Temple has returned the favor on his blog.

PubDef has videos of Sandra Thomas and Susan Montee talking about themselves and their campaigns.

Katie Favazza linked to a YouTube video showing a county-by-county breakdown of presidential election results in Missouri (if you don’t watch the whole thing, be sure to watch the last 20 seconds).

Do newspapers’ endorsements matter? Tony Messenger and Randy Turner each give us a journalist’s perspective.

Paul Seale has an interesting interview with Norma Champion’s field manager Mike Barnett regarding the Champion/Harpool forum.

Tim Hilton weighed in on the Harold Ford - Bob Corker race in Tennessee.

Mayor Slay pulls no punches in answering the charge that St. Louis is a dangerous city. Slay’s blog also has a video Cards fans will like.

Speaking of the Cardinals: joy and pain.

For a laugh, visit CNET, which ranked the 17 worst campaign websites (link via Wonkette).

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This Week in Blogging, Oct. 24

Tuesday, October 24th, 2006

After last week’s post on absentee ballots, the Missouri Republican Party added a link to absentee info on the front page of their site.

Speaking of the state parties, both used their websites to focus attention on the state auditor’s race this week. The Missouri Democratic Party highlighted the news of an investigation into the Sandra Thomas - Daryl Duwe press release story. The Missouri Republican Party, meanwhile, levied a new charge against Democrat Susan Montee — that she is an “irresponsible over-spender.” “She has failed to solve the problem of over $733,000 in accumulated vacation and holiday time in the Buchanan County sheriff’s department while she served as the counties [sic] auditor,” the MRP alleges.

For more on the state auditor race, check out Libertarian Mike Ferguson’s website for interviews with Susan Montee, Sandra Thomas, and Libertarian Frank Gilmour.

Roy Temple cites The Hotline’s Chuck Todd, who thinks that the unpopularity of Gov. Matt Blunt is dragging down Jim Talent’s re-elect numbers.

Jeff Roe says that his sources tell him that “Josh” from McCaskill ad fame was injured not in the line of duty, but in a volleyball match.

Paul Seale at Arena of Ideas offered a detailed retort to the Post-Dispatch endorsement of Claire McCaskill for U.S. Senate.

Tim Hilton’s weekly post analyzed the Missouri Supreme Court’s decision on the voter ID law.

Dave Drebes asks a good question: How will the Cards’ appearance in the World Series affect campaign activities (door-to-door, phone calls) this week?

Tony speaks out on McCaskill’s use of Michael J. Fox in the last two weeks of the campaign. Chatterbox Chronicles posted a link to an anti-Amendment 2 ad.

Anyone interested in the decline of “real” news coverage in modern-day newspapers should check out Randy Turner’s post on the subject from The Turner Report.

And as always, for daily posts check out the P-D Political Fix, KC Buzz Blog, KY3 Political Notebook, and the CDT Vote 2006 blog.

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This Week in Blogging, October 17

Tuesday, October 17th, 2006

First and foremost, congratulations to Dave Drebes of the Arch City Chronicle, whose newspaper celebrated its five-year anniversary last week.

Congratulations to PubDef, who celebrated his one-year anniversary this week.

If you have any interest in campaigns outside of Missouri, you’ll want to bookmark National Journal’s Hotline TV. In addition to the weekly show on Friday, The Hotline produces a daily webisode highlighting the day’s most important headlines.

Jeff Roe’s The Source produced several unique posts this week. The website linked to photos of an order of protection filed against “Josh” of Claire McCaskill ad fame. Roe also compared Susan Montee to Nick Nolte, and credited himself for making “perhaps the most interesting observation of all about Sunday’s debate” — that Claire McCaskill looked younger, which The Source suggests is due to botox injections.

Roy Temple was the first to hint that Spence Jackson was leaving the governor’s office. Jo Mannies posted something along the same lines on the Political Fix blog late Sunday night.

Unless you have a drinking problem, you probably didn’t watch the first Talent vs. McCaskill debate. Tony has an explanation.

Luckily for those of us who didn’t watch the Springfield debate, Paul Seale live-blogged it. KY3 has the video, and the KY3 Political Notebook has discussion of the debate.

And if political blogs don’t take up enough of your time while you’re “working”, now’s a great time of year to visit Viva El Birdos (which I found via Deadspin.)

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This Week in Blogging, Oct. 10

Tuesday, October 10th, 2006

As you may expect, Sunday’s Meet the Press debate was the source of much talk and disagreement among the Internet crowd. Check out reaction from FiredUp, The Source, The Turner Report, Arena of Ideas, Political Fix, KC Buzz Blog, and KY3 News. Tony Messenger of the News-Leader thinks Talent won. The Talent and McCaskill campaign sites both offer their reactions as well.

Congratulations to, who was was cited by Tim Russert as the source of Claire McCaskill’s behind-closed-doors comments about Bush and Katrina. The St. Louis American tapped the site’s author a little last week for his call for appreciation, but Republicans should already be grateful that he chose to report Claire’s Katrina comments and, more recently, that he reported on the ACORN controversy.

Tony has already had enough of people using Buck O’Neill’s name in vain. Thankfully, some people remember O’Neill the right way.

Wonkette asks a good question: Do reporters get paid more for blogging? It’s none of our business, of course, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to know.

Speaking of Wonkette, its former author Ana Marie Cox wrote a piece for TIME on Ohio … do the parallels to Missouri sound familiar?

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