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Carson Ross to appear on WGNU today

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

Former state Rep. Carson Ross will appear on WGNU’s The Real Deal, hosted by Tim Person and Syl Wilson, at 4:15 p.m today. Ross was elected to the Missouri House in 1988 and served through 2002. Follow this link to listen live.

The ‘View grows dimmer

Monday, August 20th, 2007

Susan Montee’s audit of the Riverview Gardens School District back in March peeled back the layers of deception used to hide years of fiscal mismanagement, effectively lifting up the district’s skirt to expose a giant ass — ex-Superintendent Henry Williams.

The district’s accreditation was stripped in June, which means it could face a temporary state intervention if it doesn’t clean up its act by 2009.

A couple weeks ago, NorCo’s version of Rick Hummel — veteran scribe Mike Elder of the Suburban Journals — wrote a column that told of a more immediate result. Riverview’s football coach, John Atwell, decided enough was enough and will coach this fall at St. Charles High.

While Superintendent Williams was taking cash advances and the school board was traveling the world, enjoying the “get-your-nails-done-get-a-pedicure-get-your-hair-did” treatment (Copyright 2002, Missy Elliot), Atwell was trying to provide his players with true wealth — more options for their future.

Atwell was “father figure”, according to last year’s quarterback A.J. Steward. Steward earned a full ride to KU — where, God willing, he’ll be in bed at 3 a.m. so as to avoid being NorCo’s next Kalen Grimes (Hazelwood, stand up!)

“I’m angry with the people that hurt our district and our kids,” Atwell said. “I’m saddened, really. After I sat through that audit report, I was heartbroken.”

Sayeth Elder: “It’s a real shame that somebody who was willing to work that hard for the district had to leave under these circumstances.”

In the words of Riverview Gardens’ students in the late ’90s, and white suburban soccer moms a decade later: True that!

Montee’s entire stupefying audit is here.

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13/F/Florissant seeks her deadbeat dad

Monday, August 13th, 2007

On September 10, 2005, I received the following anonymous e-mail:

John Combest:

You are an arrogant little prick! Your podcast sucks just like you suck. You sound like a fucking automaton robot. I practically fell asleep listening to your monotone voice. “In the loop,” are you kidding!! You’re so much in the loop that Missouri republican party officials wouldn’t even return your phone calls after using you for internet information. And I am a Republican! You sound like the little bitch you are whining and begging for respect. Hello….. dumbfuck! It shows you how much they really think of your “website.” (LOL) Cutting and pasting headlines every morning for four years only proves that you’re lazy, unimaginative, and too chicken shit to give your opinions.

How in the hell can you have the audacity to talk about originality????? Or say that your site was plagiarized earlier this year?” How do you plagiarize cutting and pasting newspaper headlines??? You stupid shit, The AP could and should sue you for using their stories without permission. You obviously don’t have a clue and the creators of “Right Missouri” and the party know it too. Below is from your FAQ page you used to have on your “website” talking about you copying the Drudge report’s layout:

Q.) Your design looks a lot like the Drudge Report. What gives?

A.) You are very observant. I am a product of my internet environment. I’ve been visiting Matt Drudge’s site for the last seven years. His clean, easy-to-read format provides links to all the national news I need without the graphics (and wasted page-loading time) I don’t want. If I was running a commercial website or selling a product, I would hire someone more web-savvy to create something more original. But here, substance prevails over style

Q.) Have you thought about adding a message board?

A.) Yes. But the idea of anonymous postings opens up a can of ethical and legal worms that makes my skin crawl

The truth is, you don’t have the BALLS to take criticism, not to mention your simply unimaginantive and lazy as I said earlier.

Just a little critique, please take it in the spirit that it’s meant. FUCK YOU!!!!!

Sound familiar? Guess who admitted sending this e-mail to me?

(I’m sorry I had to do this to your biological father, B. I won’t respond to his rage attacks ever again. I promise. Ever since he was convicted for not supporting you in 2004, he’s paid more attention to me than to you. Now that I’ve finally given him some attention and a feeling of self-worth, maybe he’ll do the same for you.)

To everyone else: Tomorrow is a new day. Let’s start having fun again, shall we?

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Nathan Cooper

Friday, August 10th, 2007

“Is it that they are just so stupid they think they are above the law and are too smart to get caught?”

A dear friend, who shall now and forever remain nameless, asked me that question yesterday morning after the news about Nathan Cooper broke. This was coming from a loyal Republican, a guy who writes checks and works his ass off so that young “consultants” can mooch off candidates’ payrolls to eat.

Let’s call a spade a spade. There is a group of young people in our party, in this state, who idolize Richard Nixon. They built their careers on his shakedown-and-kickback model. From College Republicans to student governments to graduating (or not graduating, right?) and still interfering in College Republican elections — their only motive is to obtain power. And for what? To perpetuate their own careers.

How sad is that?

This was amusing to me in college, when my friends at their campus’ student newspaper would publicly defecate on these guys by exposing their shadiest maneuvers — from their forging of documents to rigging of elections to recording of private phone conversations. But now those College Republican Gordon Liddy-wannabes are all grown up, and have access to the levers of state government.

Sorry this happened to you first, Nathan. I mean that. You’re a better man now than you were when we used to butt heads a decade ago, and so am I. Remember those days? You were a bright, driven up-and-comer who made all the right moves, and I was a smart-ass kid with a foul mouth and a chip on his shoulder.

And despite all of that, you’ve been the type of guy to leave the past in the past. You came to me, shook my hand, looked me in the eye. And we talked. Not about the silly stuff that dominates Jeff City chatter, but about life and the party and the future of conservatives in Missouri.

And we laughed about how far we had come.

Nathan is probably too loyal to snitch on all the crooks he knows. But I wish he would.

F@#k ‘em all. Hang ‘em high. Our party would be better for it.

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