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Gregg Keller signs up with Mitt Romney

Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

Gregg Keller, who most recently served as campaign manager for Jim Talent, has accepted a job as National Coalitions Director for Mitt Romney.

Keller is a Clayton native and a product of Florida State University. He has been a part of the Talent operation since the former senator’s 2002 campaign versus Jean Carnahan.

Talent has yet to make public which candidate he is supporting for the Republican presidential nomination.

Romney is expected to tout his Missouri endorsements, including one from Gov. Matt Blunt, when he speaks at the statewide Lincoln Days dinner in St. Louis on Saturday, February 10.

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Help DOR get old people off the road

Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

With events like this, it’s time our legislators (and local reporters) start promoting this.

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John Bowman and Claire McCaskill

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

State Rep. John Bowman is in hot water, and not just knee deep. According to PubDef, the bank fraud and credit fraud charges combined mean that Bowman could face up to 40 years in the clink.

Just one month ago, the St. Louis American took a look at the McCaskill campaign finance reports. The paper followed the national money through a Missouri Dem fund and noted that “Bowman’s Consulting” took “a lot of jack” from the Missouri Democratic State Committee.

Bowman was worth every dollar the Dems paid — and if you don’t believe it, just ask him. The country’s leading Marxist newspaper did, and he let them know that he was running “one helluva ground campaign” on behalf of Claire McCaskill.

To Claire, Bowman wasn’t just a workhorse — he was a show horse, too. When she went after Jim Talent on race, she had lots of black faces to choose from — and she chose John Bowman.

Bowman apparently felt the need to secure the services of Scott Rosenblum, a name well-known to St. Louisans — in fact, he was mentioned in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch today for his work with another elected official.

And oh yeah — Bowman’s a hater, too.

Expect Claire to wash her hands of Bowman faster than an obsessive-compulsive at a leper colony. And expect the people who have been waiting to nail Claire for her first snafu to have a field day with the campaign finance paper trail that ties the indicted to our junior Senator.

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Blogger Relations 101: The Wrong Way

Monday, January 29th, 2007

State Sen. Jeff Smith sent out a nice press release last week, talking about how Sen. Matt Bartle’s filibuster was a good example of democracy in action and such things. Jeff was right when he wrote, “If all members of the General Assembly had a similar respect for legislative decorum and the rights of those with whom they disagree, the body would function more efficiently.”

Ironically, Jeff’s staff produced its own bodily function earlier in the week when it dropped this doozy.

For those who don’t know, Katie Favazza is a St. Louis girl and a senior at Catholic University. She does a lot of national blogger stuff and occasionally gets her Larry Blackmon on in Town Hall’s videos. Now, thanks to a Smith aide, Katie’s name will be known among the political crowd in Missouri, too.

A few questions about the e-mail that was sent on your dime:

1.) Hey Smith aide — why undermine your other points with the, “We are sorry you were waitlisted at Washington University” jab? Seriously.

2.) Did Jeff and the staffer actually think that Katie wasn’t going to end up writing about the e-mail on her blog?

3.) You know how you can tell that the author didn’t go to Wash U? Because her heavy-handed punchline lacked the subtle arrogance and condescension that real Wash U kids demonstrate (for examples, continue reading).

4.) After incidents like this, shouldn’t Jeff’s operation be more concerned with St. Louis Democrats and less concerned with Catholic University College Republicans?

5.) How long will it take the average (non-Wash U) elected official or staffer to finally realize that if you really want to hurt a blogger’s feelings, just ignore them?

In Jeff’s defense, I doubt he had any idea that his secretary sent out the e-mail. And truth be told, some of the most intelligent, reasonable tit-for-tats I’ve had over e-mail have been with people who have volunteered for Jeff. But as Katie noted, Jeff became indirectly involved when the aide chose to use the word “we” (unless the aide really did go to Wash U, in which case she’s allowed to use the royal “we” like the rest of us.)

If this were a typical bullshit state party press release, this is where I would call for Jeff to apologize for the Wash U-Catholic remark and blah blah blah. But that’s really not necessary.

Jeff is a nice guy, and seems like he’d be the type of boss to punch his staffer in the arm and tell her to keep fighting for him. He should also, however, remind his staff that the things they send out — from state computers, on state time, with Jeff’s name in the signature line — directly reflect upon him.

As they say at Hazelwood East — far from Jeff’s hometown of Ladue Olivette (see Smith aide, you can teach!) and even further from his alma mater — that’s not a good look.

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