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Rich Chrismer, Sr.

Tuesday, October 31st, 2006

I play the role of dunderheaded partisan whenever the mood strikes — in other words, most of my waking hours. But when I saw this story, I immediately thought about a conversation I had with someone in the public relations field a week or so ago.

The conversational thread was based upon the question: Do party spokespeople really believe the charges they levy against their opponents? Read the headlines here and here, then answer that question.

To be sure, engaging in purely partisan behavior — much like arguing with your significant other — can be a very healthy and fun activity when done on a selective basis. It’s when you do it every day that it becomes a problem.

I’m the first to admit that I’m biased in this case because my relationship with Rich Chrismer, Sr. and his son predate Call me naive, but I’d like to think that the honesty and character of the Chrismers is why they are so successful, and why they’ll both continue to be as long as they choose to give their lives to public service.

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This Week in Blogging, Oct. 31

Tuesday, October 31st, 2006

Surprisingly, most Missouri political blogs have stayed relatively issue-based and libel-free in the weeks heading up to next Tuesday. Of course, there are still seven full days left for someone to disappoint us all.

Thanks to Dave Drebes, Jo Mannies, Tony Messenger, Jason Rosenbaum, and Tony from Tony’s Kansas City for mentioning the National Journal/The Hotline deal. The deal will bring more eyeballs to Missouri blogs between now and Election Day 2008, which is good for bloggers and readers alike.

Jeff Roe has done a good job keeping track of Josh Lansdale from McCaskill ad fame. Roe says that Lansdale went to California to film more anti-Republican ads. Roe has also taken aim at FiredUpMissouri’s Roy Temple in the last week, and Temple has returned the favor on his blog.

PubDef has videos of Sandra Thomas and Susan Montee talking about themselves and their campaigns.

Katie Favazza linked to a YouTube video showing a county-by-county breakdown of presidential election results in Missouri (if you don’t watch the whole thing, be sure to watch the last 20 seconds).

Do newspapers’ endorsements matter? Tony Messenger and Randy Turner each give us a journalist’s perspective.

Paul Seale has an interesting interview with Norma Champion’s field manager Mike Barnett regarding the Champion/Harpool forum.

Tim Hilton weighed in on the Harold Ford - Bob Corker race in Tennessee.

Mayor Slay pulls no punches in answering the charge that St. Louis is a dangerous city. Slay’s blog also has a video Cards fans will like.

Speaking of the Cardinals: joy and pain.

For a laugh, visit CNET, which ranked the 17 worst campaign websites (link via Wonkette).

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The coming Fed crackdown.

Monday, October 30th, 2006

If you believe recent rumors on the Internets, blogs like this one won’t be able to engage in certain partisan behaviors anymore.

Behaviors like suggesting that anyone you know with questions about absentee voting visit the RNC’s information page or contact Gary McElyea at the MRP: (573) 291-5370 or gary {at} mogop {dot} org.

And linking to something like the Talent for Senate 72-Hour Volunteer Signup will probably be illegal too.

Hopefully Rs and Ds can work together between now and November 2008 to kill some of the more ridiculous anti-blogging provisions. Until then, I’m going to go buy some boots so I can shake in them.

“All the federales say, they could have had him any day/They only let him go so long/Out of kindness, I suppose.” — Missouri political activist Willie Nelson, Pancho & Lefty.

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Jack Oliver, Matt Damon star in anti-poverty ad

Friday, October 27th, 2006

If you are a Missouri Republican under the age of 40, Jack Oliver is, has been, and always will be your idol. Admit it.